Why Do We Find It So Hard To Forgive?

In my daily ACIM (A Course in Miracles) lesson, I'm reminded every day of the importance of forgiveness. Do you have someone in your life that you are holding a grudge against? Has someone said something to offend you, or maybe it was something they did that you find unforgivable? Perhaps it was someone you love that they have upset and you, in turn, are feeling the effects. You will know in your heart the situation, it will be the first one that comes to mind.

None of us is exempt from holding a grudge, regardless of what we think.

The truth, however, is that it tends to squirrel away in the hidden places within us. Unforgiveness is toxic to our health and scientists have proven that telomeres which are the little caps at the end of our chromosomes that protect them from wear and tear (think ageing) shorten every time we hold a grudge or have the stress of unforgiveness. This is something we can't see so we don't tend to worry about it so much. However, when we work on forgiveness and letting things go we aid the process of strengthening our telomeres so prevent them from unravelling or fraying. Some people say that the shortening process of telomeres can be associated with ageing and sometimes even cancer.

And so back to forgiveness. It really is a tough thing to do and most people say "Oh, I've forgiven her or him" until it rears its ugly head again and the process that was never really properly dealt with in the first place goes deeper in the form of hurting us. Here are my tips for helping you to forgive and let go.

  • Forgiveness is for YOU! (Always keep this thought in the back of your mind).

  • Ask to be guided and to help surrender the problem to the Angels and the Higher Power that knows the exact solution.

  • Remember there is a spiritual solution to every problem.

  • Write the person who hurt you a letter, then shred, burn or destroy it (this is a great way of releasing).

  • Every day in your mind say the words "________(name of person) I forgive you" even if you don't mean it. By repeating this your subconscious mind will do the necessary work.If you can (and this may take a lot more hard work but persistence will pay off) try sending pink light from your heart to theirs.

  • Pray for the person.

I hope these tips help you move forward with any unforgiveness in your life and please as always feel free to share your stories with me. I love hearing them and seeing the transformations in people's lives.

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