• Carol Taylor

Watch Out For F.E.A.R (False Ego Appearing Real)

Recently, I was putting together a proposal to pitch for a new contract in which I had to talk about myself and my achievements. At first, I thought this seems a bit too much for me and the voice in my head was so loud I could hardly hear myself think. However, the more I worked on it the more I realised how qualified I am and what a wonderful contribution I could bring to the table. It took some time as it was one of those days when my energy seemed low and sluggish (always more difficult to motivate yourself on days like those).

I want you to think about this story as you ask yourself how many times you find yourself saying things like, "This time I'm going to do / be / have / go / become" . . . only to find several months later you haven't done anything about it, or you started but then lost momentum?

We are all guilty of it, me included! It's the ego that gets in the way most of the time, telling us we're not good enough. It says things like,

"There is no way you can . . . write a book, take a course, etc."

"You are foolish to think you can complete such . . . a task, job, project, undertaking"

"Nobody would listen to you if you . . . stood up and talked on a particular subject, shared your knowledge of . . . etc."

"What makes you think anyone would want to buy your . . . product, book, design, creation, painting etc. ?"

Sound familiar? It doesn't matter who we are, what we have done or how successful we have been, that voice can seem very loud when it comes to putting us down.

Just think for a second of all the scary times in your life when that voice seemed over-powering but you went on and ignored it anyway. Maybe it was the time you applied and got that job that you thought you weren't qualified enough for? Perhaps it was standing up for yourself in a situation where you would normally back down, or maybe it was stepping into your own power (albeit with fear!) and created something wonderful; be it a photo, a piece of art, a makeover, a new business, a relationship (the list is endless). 

Whatever Life has in store, be sure to step into in the right frame of mind. Attitude is everything and while fear is part and parcel of life, what it really stands for is 

F = False

E= Ego

A= Appearing

R = Real

So when that voice booms loud in your ear about why you shouldn't do something, take a moment, step back, pick an example from your past (we all have them) and then gently tell that voice to back down because you have done it in the past and you sure as hell can do it again.

Take a deep breath, wish yourself "good luck" and step into that space with no regrets.

You will be amazing at whatever you turn your hand or your head to. I'd love to hear your stories if you feel like sharing them with me, do feel free to contact me. I'd love to hear from you.

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