Valentines & Cracking Open To Love

Happy February everyone. The shops are full of cards, gifts, cakes, sweets, in fact, everything in the shape of love! I will once again be doing my little ritual of posting cards on an anonymous basis. Each year I purchase cards, write positive affirmations on each and pop them on car windscreens, in shopping trolleys, on shop shelves, etc. Anyone who needs to find them will do so. It's my small way of spreading a little extra love and positivity in the world. If you feel inclined to do the same in your neighbourhood or town then I'd love to hear how you get on.

I have been guided to be 'love' so I have called and have designed workshops called Cracking Open To Love. It is my intention to help those who attend to tap into the unconditional love which resides within each and every person as a God-given right. We will work with the Angels to bring through messages of love, healing and support through Angel cards and meditation. I will share with you the power of mirror work to help clear blocks and open up to love & forgiveness in many areas of your life. We will work with tools and techniques to help each individual to start working with the Law of Attraction in their own life, and as a result, begin to take control and witness positive changes unfold. The workshops will be a full day of immersing in wonderful high vibrational energy with like-minded people so if you feel guided to attend then you can book your place by sending me an email or message me in any form of communication that works for you.

Some people tend to think romantic, fluffy, sweet and soft when they think of love and yes while all of this can be true, it is my intention to show people that love can be the key to healing, forgiveness, freedom, joy and inner power. So if you are ready to embrace life as it truly should be lived and understand how to navigate the challenges as well as the celebrations, then this could be just the workshop for you.

If you're not drawn to attend my workshop but could do with a little inspiration in terms of bringing more love into your life (and I don't just mean romantic love as that is usually the by-product of self-love), then how about starting with the knowing that you are in charge of your own life despite the circumstances you find yourself in? Think of one situation that is causing you to be upset or anxious and take a few minutes to ask the question "What would love do?" then see what comes up for you. Write down all the ways you could be kinder, more helpful, more forgiving in this situation and from that list choose one to work on and apply on a daily basis to this current challenge.

Good luck, and don't forget to check out my website for workshop dates, locations and bookings!

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