My Manifestation Moment!

Updated: Feb 6, 2018

I recently did one of my weekly Angel Card readings by video and the main theme of the message coming through was all about manifestation. I shared in the video some tips for manifesting and invited people to start working on manifesting in their own lives. I want to say I was surprised by the results; but the Universe and the Angels never cease to amaze me with their results. I had emails, texts and messages from people who reported manifesting anything from vintage cars, to unusual coloured butterflies, books that wished to be read magically appeared for people and one person even found a long-lost friend. It was so wonderful and empowering for everyone to be part of their own manifestation with such amazing results.

However, I myself also decided to work some manifestation magic at the same time as I asked others to participate in this experiment and I would like to share with you here how my manifestation transpired.

Many of you who follow me on Facebook or receive my monthly newsletters via the sign-up on my website, will be fully aware of the impact Wayne Dyer's death had on me. I even wrote a blog post about it which you can read here - Since Wayne's death I keep seeing references to St Francis of Assisi, not just in the books that I am re-reading that Wayne himself wrote, but also in different spiritual texts! Wayne Dyer truly loved the work of St Francis of Assisi. Although I know very little about him - apart from what I learnt as a child and what Wayne had written about him, I kept finding myself drawn to him, especially during my meditations. Hence, my manifestation moment was centred around this!

I decided that I would like to manifest in my life some obvious sign that St Francis of Assisi was working with me in my life. I began to remember subtle details from my past, like the hall I used to go to disco's in was called St Francis' Hall; the current pope (Pope Francis) was in the news a lot at the time as he was on a high profile trip to the States and my husband was in talks with a guy called Francis about his business. However, despite all these subtle signs I knew I needed something much more profound than this to show that my manifestation had worked.

One day shortly afterwards, as I checked into my Angel page on Facebook; a post appeared clearly in view showing an image of St Francis. It was from an Angel Group I am a member of and the person who posted it, did so because it was St Francis of Assisi's Birthday. Wow. I was blown away! I knew there and then, without a shadow of a doubt, that St Francis was with me. It brought tears to my eyes as I read the post and in time I responded to Eileen (the person who had posted it) to explain the part she played in my Manifestation Moment! She was truly grateful, as was I.

My connection with St Francis continues to grow and grow and I know he is playing a big part in leading me on the next stage of my spiritual journey. I hope many of you will find faith in this story to start you on your own manifestation journey.

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