Back to Basics For Connecting With Angels

I have been guided to write about going right back to basics!

We all have our own ways of connecting with Angels but for many, the signs are the same.  The most popular by far are white feathers, but there are so many other ways that the Angels will get their messages through to us.

When I first started working with Angels, somebody told me that a sure sign Angels were near is when you see a robin. I felt a little uneasy because while everyone loves a robin, my fear of birds at the time meant that I was scared of every flying thing imaginable, including robins, birds, butterflies and moths! I know now that the fear I felt was only a belief carried through from my childhood and it was all part of my spiritual journey. Once I cured my fear of cats (and that childhood story is for another time!), my fear of everything else including birds, butterflies, moths, robins and even my fear of life and living my joy seemed to dissipate!

Yes, robins can be a sure sign of Angel's but so too can lot's of many other signs and here are just a few of the signs I've come to love and understand over the years:

White Feathers (in places where you know there isn't a bird)

Robins (usually representing our loved ones presence)

Butterflies (someone recently told me they are like an email from Heaven)

A sequence of numbers such as 111

A favourite song 

An overheard conversation mentioning something appropriate to you and your life at that time

Cloud Formations (those who have been on my Angel workshop will know the first ever sign I got from the Angels)

Sparkles of light

Shiny coins that randomly appear

Steps On How You Can Connect

1) Take a moment, now if you can, to close your eyes and ask your Angels for a sign.

2) They'll always give you a sign that will resonate with you, which is why they never sent me birds or butterflies in the early days, but do so now.

3) Tune into your heart, and if it feels right to you, place your hand on your heart.

4) Take 3 long slow deep breaths and ask the Angels to send you a sign that you will recognise that they are near.

I have guided people through these techniques for many years in my Mindful Angel workshops, and during my public and private readings. Have faith, trust and be open to receiving a sign, knowing you are worthy and deserving and always have your Angels by your side, even at times you may feel alone. You are never alone. 

You may not receive the sign straight away but you will receive it!

Carol x

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