A Special Tribute to Louise Hay

Updated: Oct 28, 2017

"One of the great things is that we do not have to know how. All we need is to be willing" .

The amazing Louise Hay passed away on the 30th August 2017, aged 90. She was such an inspiration in mine and so many people's lives and leaves a wonderful legacy through her many books, website, publishing company, radio and of course affirmations. To me she was the queen of affirmations and her book "You can heal your life" is like a bible on my desk ~ it's my "go-to" reference for anything and everything. If you haven't read it then you really ought to.

To me, Louise is the epitome of how success and change can happen at any age and despite any circumstances. She grew up with her mother when her parents divorced when she was just 18 months old. She cried constantly for 3 weeks when left in care so that her mother could go out to work. Her mother married a man who became Louise's violent stepfather at age 5. She endured much physical and sexual abuse most of her early life and thus blamed herself. She ran away from home and school at the tender age of just 15 and as she said herself "because she was starved of love she gave her body to anyone who was in anyway kind to her" and became pregnant shortly after her 16th birthday. After almost 30 years her self-esteem finally began to grow as she started to do deep "inner work". She published her first book when she was aged 50, having also healed herself of cancer and in 1987, aged 61 she founded the publishing company "Hay House".

I was lucky to discover Louise myself back in 2001 when a dear friend gave me a birthday present of Louise's book "Meditations to Heal your Life". Any of you who have been on any of my courses will know how much I love and use that book at the end of each session. It always gives the perfect message as Louise herself would say "In Divine right order".

She continues to impact my life every day; as I know she does many of yours. I'd like you to, this September, think about the Louise Hay quote I have chosen at the top of article "One of the great things is that we do not have to know how. All we need is to be willing" .

Whatever plans, projects, ideas, courses, decisions, challenges or changes you will be making or doing this September, bear this quote in mind. As I always say; set yourself achievable targets and take baby steps. Make yourself accountable to someone such as a loyal friend or loved one and reward yourself at each milestone along the way. Remember you don't need to know the how ~ your willingness to change or make a difference will be more than enough. Don't allow another September to pass you by without making the changes to your life that you wish to make. Don't be a "victim" to the story that you play over in your life, again and again, ~ if Louise could do it; given her circumstances and her story then everyone can.

For those of you who work better with structure and accountability to an independent person, then you may wish to consider a life coaching session with me. It doesn't matter where you are in the world as now with the power of technology we can skype, facetime or get you on track via the plain old telephone call. Contact me for special offers for those on my mailing list.

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