5 Steps For Successful Decluttering

If decluttering is something you like to do when Spring arrives, then here are my tips for getting going.

Start Small

If you have a lot of clutter then give yourself time to clear it. After all, it took a long time to accumulate so you are not going to clear it overnight.

One Thing At A Time

Take one drawer, one cupboard, one shelf or one box and decide to just clear that one place - nothing more. The exhilaration you will feel once you clear one space will be momentum enough to propel you on to clearing even more.

Plan Ahead

Set a date in your diary, on your phone, on your calendar and stick to it like you would an appointment with a doctor, dentist, therapist or friend.

Allocate Manageable Time Chunks

Decide in advance how long you are going to spend clearing the space and stick to that time even if it is only 10 minutes. You can always allocate another 10 minutes the next day or the next week.

Plan A Reward

Reward yourself with a little treat (it can be as simple as a nice cup of coffee at your favourite coffee shop or a bunch of flowers) once you feel you have made strides to build the momentum and set you on the right track to greater decluttering. You will know when this is and you will feel your energy shift.

Remember that small baby steps are key to starting any new project and with this in mind you will do great and 'Spring Cleaning' will become your new favourite pastime at any time of the year. 

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