With great joy, each week I draw an angel card especially for
Mindful Angel friends and website visitors. 
I hope you find divine
love, guidance  and personal resonance in this week's reading: 

20th January 2020



The Angels of Abundance guide us to build a savings account. They know that a solid cushion of savings provides security and a reliable source of funds from which to invest in abundance-generating ventures.

This is not to say that the Angels of Abundance would like us to hoard money. They want us to use the abundance that is provided for us by God for the highest good of all. They also, however, want us not to be so burdened by debt that we have to work in jobs that do not serve our highest purpose. When we save – and especially when we invest intelligently through high-yield savings, ideally with credit unions – we are demonstrating self-respect.

You are being given this card because it is important that you remember that you are a co-creator in every aspect of your life, including your financial life. You have the power to be an agent of change both for yourself and for the whole planet. Making a conscious effort to set aside a percentage of your income is just one step in creating that powerful change.

This week's card is from the Doreen Virtue Angels of Abundance Oracle Card Deck.

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