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With great joy, each week I draw an angel card especially for
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I hope you find divine
love, guidance  and personal resonance in this month's reading: 

June 2021

Face Your Financial Fears

Face Your Financial Fears

Dear One, this card comes to you because the Angels see how your unconscious anxieties have pushed away abundance. Deep down, you worry whether you deserve to receive abundance. In addition, you’ve been struggling with fear – both of failure and of success – which has kept you stuck in indecision and inaction.

Fortunately, once you admit these fears to yourself, they lose their power to unconsciously control you. Perhaps it’s helpful for you to hear that every person struggles with self-doubts. The human ego is designed to keep people afraid and prevent them from fulfilling their Divine destiny.

Thankfully, you are blessed with the gift of self-awareness. You can take an honest inventory of your thought processes, and admit that you have sometimes sabotaged your own success. These realisations are ensuring that you no longer allow yourself to be intimidated. Your decisions are guided by love, not fear.

This month's card is from the Doreen & Grand Virtue Angels of Abundance Oracle Card deck

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