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With great joy, each week I draw an angel card especially for
Mindful Angel friends and website visitors. 
I hope you find divine
love, guidance  and personal resonance in this week's reading: 

1st March 2021
It Is Safe For You To Receive

It Is Safe For You To Receive


This card is here to help you recognise and overcome a block to abundance – namely, worrying about “how” your prayers will be answered. Your worries are preventing you from opening yourself up to a flow of Divine support, slowing the manifestation of your desires.


Once you have expressed your prayers to God, trust that God will answer in the way that’s best for everyone involved. If you are supposed to take action to help, you’ll be clearly guided to do so by repetitive ideas, a gut feeling, or physical signs.

God is omniscient, meaning that every possible variable of a situation is known and can be accounted for. We humans do not have the ability, so when we assume that we know best, we are not always seeing the whole picture.

When we “let go, and let God,” in contrast, we are signalling that our trust is in our Divine Creator. We believe that God will provide exactly what we need in order to fulfil our life purpose. We give permission to God to shower us with all those bountiful gifts that we can use to bring even greater blessings to the world.

This week's card is from the Angels of Abundance Deck by Doreen and Grant Virtue

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