Frequently Asked Questions 

What Are Angels?

Angels are celestial beings who can help us with every aspect of our lives if only we ask.  Each and every one of us has been given 'free-will' and Angels will never intervene without permission.  When we allow Angels to guide and help us life can take on a new meaning and you can come to realise that you are never alone.

What are Archangels?

Archangels are the 'Managers' of the Angels. They have a group of Angels working for them and usually specialize in a particular area such as Archangel Michael for protection and strength.

What does the word 'Angel' mean?

'Angel' means Messenger of God and while different Angels take on different roles, their main purpose is to bring peace.

Do I have a Guardian Angel?

Yes. Regardless of colour, creed, gender, religion, etc, every single person has a Guardian Angel (some have more than one) who has been with them since birth.

Can I find out the name of my Guardian Angel?

You can meditate and ask your Guardian Angel to reveal their name to you. However, it may take more than one attempt and it’s worth noting that it is just we 'humans' who get caught up with names. Angels really have no need for names but they know it brings us some peace, which is why they have them.

What are Spirit Guides?

Spirit Guides can be anyone from a dear departed grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle or any relative. If a relative it can be someone that you were close to in this life or someone who passed before you were born. They take on the role of a spirit guide if there is a special skill they can teach you for your life’s purpose.

Namesakes can also be Spirit Guides.

Are Angels and Archangels male or female?

Angels and Archangels don’t have any gender but their specific characteristics can give them distinct male or female energies, such as Archangel Jophiel the Angel of Beauty taking on female characteristics.

Do I have to offer a formal prayer to call on the Angels?

No! You can speak to the Angels in any way that feels good or best for you. You can whisper, sing, write or ask silently. The most important thing is that you ask.

Can Angels be with more than one person at a time?

Yes. Angels are omnipresent which means just that – they can be with more than one person at a time. Because they are beyond space and time restrictions, they can be with everyone simultaneously.

Can I ask the Angels for help with anything?

Yes. Nothing is too small or too big for the Angels to help with. Don’t be afraid to ask for help with material things also as the Angels can see that sometimes material things can bring us peace!