What if I fall?

But oh my darling, what if you fly?
Erin Hanson

About Mindful Angel


I'm Carol Taylor and I hope you find peace, inspiration, joy and comfort in these pages.

The power within us all to quiet the mind and connect to infinite love beyond our physical lives is available to each of us, and it is easily within our reach. 

Carol Taylor, Mindful Angel, mindfulangel.com connecttoyourangels.com

So, what are Angels? They are celestial beings who can help us with every aspect of our lives if only we ask.  When we allow Angels to guide and help us, life can take on new meaning on a spiritual, mental and physical level. 


I can help you connect with them in many different ways: through personal readings, workshops, coaching and mindfulness meditations. Visit this website for weekly readings. Angelic messages are flowing your way!


Connecting with Angels is simply too wondrous to keep to myself. I have helped countless people reach out to their guides and angels. Every one of us has the ability to connect, comforted in knowing we never walk alone.


A Bit Of Background


My spiritual journey has been a long one, starting in my childhood in Cork, Ireland and continuing in an unbroken line into adulthood, family life and settling in Kent, UK. Confident I was on the right path and wishing to take my Angel connections to a deeper level, I trained with Charles Virtue and Tina Marie Daly, qualifying as an Angel Certified Practitioner in 2010. 


I am a student of A Course In Miracles (ACIM) and work with the Angels and Spirit Guides each day to enrich my life and the lives of everyone I meet.

It is my understanding that none of us are meant to live anything but a happy and fulfilled life and the best way to do this is through peace.  That is exactly what Angels bring to our lives when we begin to work with them – peace follows – one person and day at a time.


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